HERDC requirements for Books (A1 )

Affiliation **

  • Affiliation is USYD for all claimed authors

**For staff and students only: If the publication does not show your University of Sydney affiliation, please fill out and sign the A1 Book Proforma.

Bibliographic information

  • Authors
  • Book Title
  • Editor
  • City of publisher
  • Edition 1 or new chapters previously unpublished in earlier edition/s
  • ISBN
  • Number of pages
  • Publisher
  • Volume

Other information

  • Number of chapters
  • FoR code (6 digits)
  • SEO code(6 digits)
  • Contents
  • Preface and/or Introduction and/or forewords
  • (A chapter may also be required if there is not substantial evidence in the introduction, preface etc. that this is original and scholarly research)
  • Commercial Publisher Status of Book (SOPHI staff to verify)

For foreign language publications

  • Translation of Foreign language publications bibliographical information
  • Several paragraphs from the introduction and one of the chapters of the book will also require translation to provide evidence that this is original and scholarly research
  • Translation from the foreword material that demonstrating the scholarly nature of the publication.