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NEAF offers a range of public lectures throughout the year of interest to the lay-person. These ocassions are a great way to keep in touch with recent archaeological discoveries, as well as the chance to meet like-minded people who, like you, are fascinated by archaeology.

The theme for our 2014 lecture series is When East meets West.

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Afganistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul

Photographs by Musée Guimet, Thierry Ollivier

Gold clasp with turquoise and mother-of-pearl inlay

Introduction and Guided Tour with Prof Alison Betts and Dr Youssofzay
Wednesday 2 and 9 April 2014. Art Gallery of NSW

Note: both the 2nd and 9th dates are now sold out.

The Exhibition Afghanistan: hidden treasures from the National Museum, Kabul will bring to the Art Gallery of New South Wales one of the world’s great treasures and also one of the most fortunate. Through the courage and foresight of Afghan Museum and Heritage staff, this collection has survived war, looting and extreme Taliban persecution.

NEAF is offering an exclusive tour of the exhibition led by Prof Alison Betts, Professor of Silk Road Studies at the University of Sydney and Dr Zahir Youssofzay. Together they are leading experts in the area with personal knowledge of Afghanistan and its sites.

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Public Lectures at the Art Gallery of NSW

A range of lectures by local experts given by the Art Gallery of NSW

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gazelle hunting

Gazelle hunting

by Professor Alison Betts, University of Sydney
Monday 14 April 2014 at CCANESA

If you fly low over the steppes and deserts of the Middle East or Central Asia, you will see, in certain places, strange lines of walls running in distinct patterns across what appears to be barren land. For more than a century, people have been wondering about who built these and for what purpose. They represent a great deal of effort in a land where few people live and natural resources are scarce. From early fantastic speculations about alien landings and more prosaic ideas of fortifications, it is now recognized that these walls were designed and built to herd animals, wild, or possibly domesticated, into an enclosure.

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The Red Pyramid at Dahshur

The Eastern Mediterranean
4th & 3rd Millennia BCE

May 2014

In 2011 NEAF launched a series of Saturday lectures that were aimed at giving an overview of the development of Western Civilization from the 4th millennium BCE through to the 2nd millennium CE. These series proved extremely popular and there were many requests for them to be repeated.

We have decided to re-run these lectures for both members and for the wider public.

The first of this series will consist of four lectures concentrating on the 4th and 3rd millennia BCE in the eastern Mediterranean. In this series we will look at the beginnings and growth of agriculture, urbanisation and trade. The story of the Pyramids, the Royal Graves of Ur, writing, the first villages such as Çatal Hüyük and Teleilat Ghassul will be told, and much more.

While the Foundation has a history of presenting lectures by experts in various regions and periods, many members have expressed a wish for more general and comprehensive background lectures. Members of the NEAF Board, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in teaching at University level, will give the lectures. While the lectures will present interesting and up-to-date research they will be aimed at the interested layperson.

We hope that members may consider this a way to introduce a friend to the Foundation and we look forward to welcoming non-members to these lectures.

The series will be held in the lecture room at CCANESA

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