NEAF Lectures

NEAF offers a range of public lectures throughout the year of interest to the lay-person. These ocassions are a great way to keep in touch with recent archaeological discoveries, as well as the chance to meet like-minded people who, like you, are fascinated by archaeology.

The theme for our 2014 lecture series is When East meets West.


THE YEAR OF DIGGING DANGEROUSLY: The discovery of an Early Byzantine chamber tomb at Tell Arqa, Lebanon.

Lecture by Dr Hanan Charaf Mullins, University of Paris I

17 September 2014

Tell Arqa

Tomb 4 at Tell Arqa.

In October 2010, a built Byzantine tomb was discovered during agricultural activities in the rocky hills surrounding the ancient site of Tell Arqa (ancient Irqata mentioned in the Egyptian Amarna Texts).

Salvage excavations conducted by the author under police protection in dangerous conditions in an area known for its tomb looters led to the discovery of at least one chamber tomb of the arcosolium type. The tomb was entirely covered with white plaster and sealed by a door. It contained three rock-carved sarcophagi and a cist tomb, all of which yielded a rich array of gold and silver jewellery, coins, and pottery.

The lecture will be held in the lecture room at CCANESA

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October-November 2014

The Lion Gate at Mycenae Greece

The Lion Gate at Mycenae Greece

In 2011 NEAF launched a series of Saturday lectures that aimed to give an overview of the development of Western Civilization from the 4th millennium BCE through to the present day. These series consist of four lectures each, with each series concentrating on a particular millennium's history, archaeology and culture in the Eastern Mediterranean and neighbouring regions.

Each series is very popular and we are happy to offer the second instalment in this current series. These lectures will concentrate on the 2nd millennium BCE in Western Asia and will again be held in the wonderful facilities at CCANESA.

As with the earlier series, the lectures will be given by members of the NEAF Board. These lecturers all have extensive backgrounds in teaching at University level. The lectures will present interesting and up-to-date research and will be aimed at the interested layperson.

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