NEAF Lectures

NEAF offers a range of public lectures throughout the year of interest to the lay-person. These ocassions are a great way to keep in touch with recent archaeological discoveries, as well as the chance to meet like-minded people who, like you, are fascinated by archaeology.

The theme for our 2014 lecture series is When East meets West.


The Archaeology of the Desert Cults and the Origins of Israel’s God

Lecture by Dr Juan Manuel Tebes. Catholic University of Argentina

6 August 2014

Temple of Hathor

Temple of Hathor, Timna Valley, Israel

Instead of looking to the (mostly biblical) evidence of the origins of Yahwism and assuming its origin lies in movements of people from the southern regions to Canaan in the Early Iron Age, Dr Tebes will focus attention on the archaeology of the cultic practices in the Negev, southern Transjordan, and northern Hejaz during the entire Iron Age, and how this information is related to the religious practices known in Judah and Israel during the biblical period, providing new light on the prehistory of the cult of Yahweh.

The lecture will be held in the lecture room at CCANESA

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