Past Lectures: 2009-2011

August 2011

Jebel Khalid  

A Tale of Two Cities: Uncovering Alexander's Legacy in the East
Lecture by Dr. John Tidmarsh.

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May 2011

Wadi Hammeh

Sea Peoples and neo-Hittites in the 'Land of Palistin'
Recent Discoveries at Tell Tayinat in southeast Turkey
Lecture by Prof Tim Harrison.


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April 2011

Wadi Hammeh

Social Evolution in the Levant: From Early Times to the Early Bronze Age
Lecture by Dr. Phillip Edwards.

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August 2010

A camel in Wadi Rum, Jordan. 

The Dromedary Camel and shifts in the geopolitics of the Iron Age Middle East.
by Professor Peter Magee.

Current Cypriot Archaeology
by Dr Thomas Davis.

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July 2010

The Mosaics of Zeugma 

The Mosaics of Zeugma on the Euphrates: Visual Culture on the Roman Frontier
by Emeritus Professor Katherine Dunbabin.

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March 2010


On the cusp of the Bronze Age: ritual landscapes, olive domestication and the rise of urban society
by Dr Jaimie Lovell.

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December 2009

Tentmaker in Cairo  The Tentmakers of Cairo
by Jenny Bowker
Lecture to accompany NEAF's 2009 AGM.

September 2009

 The back of the Narmer Palette: wikipedia commons.

Egypt beyond the Pyramids: Egypt in the eastern Mediterranean during the Old Kingdom
by Dr Karin Sowada
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July 2009


Before the Pyramids: The Origins of Ancient Egyptian Civilization
by Dr. E. Christiana Köhler, Macquarie University.

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April 2009

 Egyptian relief Mut El-Kharab: 4000 years of settlement in Dakhleh Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt
by Colin Hope, Director of the Centre for Archaeology & Ancient History at Monash University.
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