NEAF Bulletins

NEAF Bulletin #57

Bulletin #57 April 2014


J. Basil Hennessy A.O. 1925–2013
Stephen Bourke
News from Southern Jordan
Michele Cotton
“A nation stays alive when its culture stays alive” A report from the Kabul Museum
Jamie Fraser
The Earliest Village People: Past work and future prospects at the Natufian site of Wadi Hammeh 27
Phillip C. Edwards
Investigating Neolithic Iran: Contributions of the Mamasani Archaeological Project
Lloyd Weeks
A View from the southern Caucasus
Antonio Sagona
The Whispering Trees of Dhofar
Wendy Reade
Pella in Jordan 2013
Stephen Bourke
Holy Cows and Lambs of God: Animal bones from the Pella temple
Karyn Wesselingh
Elites along the Euphrates: A monumental tomb at Jerablus Tahtani by Carchemish, Syria
Edgar Peltenburg
The re-discovery of the ‘lost’ minaret of Qalca-i Zarmurgh
David C. Thomas

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NEAF Bulletin #56

Bulletin #56 April 2013


A Chalcolithic hunting station in central Cyprus
David Frankel and Jenny Webb
The Sanctuary of Lot at Deir ‘Ain ‘Abata in Jordan
Konstantinos D. Politis
A gift from the Government of India
Michael Turner
Classical glass at Çatal Höyük?
An interview with Dr Margaret O’Hea by Tiffany Donnelly
Just another brick in the wall?
David Thomas
The significance of the palaestra at Hellenistic Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates in North Syria
Graeme Clarke
Pella In Jordan: Dusting off some gems from the vault
Stephen Bourke
Aerial Archaeology and the Black Desert of Jordan
Rebecca Banks

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NEAF Bulletin #55

Bulletin #55 February 2012


Pella in Jordan 2011. Early Bronze Age Fortifications, a Late Bronze Age Palace and a Hellenistic Villa
Stephen J. Bourke
Lion-Adorned Monumental Gate Complex Unearthed at Tell Tayinat, Turkey
Timothy P. Harrison
What a Relief! The Conservation of Two Assyrian Archers from the Nicholson Museum
Wendy Reade
Reading the runes. Insights into the inhabitants of medieval Jam
David Thomas
Revisiting an old site. Publishing Ambelikou in Cyprus
Jenny Webb and David Frankel
Temple to Church? The Mystery Building of Area XXXVIII at Pella in Jordan
Kate da Costa
Turning up the heat in the dating game. Using thermoluminescence to study cairns in Jordan
Jamie Fraser
Rhodian Amphorae and Alexandrian Architecture. Burials at the ‘Tombs of the Kings’ in Paphos, Cyprus
Craig Barker
The Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation. Celebrating 25 years
Maree Browne and John Tidmarsh

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NEAF Bulletin #54

Bulletin #54 October 2010


Westward Ho! A Near Eastern Archaeologist on Andros
Wendy Reade
Pella in Jordan 2009
Stephen J. Bourke
Qaleh Kali 2009. More news from the Royal Road
Amanda Dusting & Kat McRae
The Kazakly-yatkan Wall Paintings
Fiona Kidd
The Housing Insula at Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates
Heather Jackson
Diary of a 21st Century Archaeologist
Alison Betts
Hunting for the Palmer Sinai Expedition
Jamie Fraser
Berlin Museums
Maree Browne

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NEAF Bulletin #53

Bulletin #53 December 2008


Jebel Khalid on the Euphrates River
Prof. Graeme Clarke, Dr Heather Jackson & Dr John Tidmarsh

Ceramic characterization and inter-site relationships in the northwestern Central Plateau, Iran, in the Late Neolithic to the Bronze Age
Edna Wong

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NEAF Bulletin #52

Bulletin #52 February 2008


In Search of the Roman Empire
Kate Da Costa

Excavations on Tell Husn 2007
Stephen Bourke

Fortress temple, Ceremony and the Humble Pit
Ruth Ward

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NEAF Bulletin #51

Bulletin #51 September 2007


Excavations on the main mound at Pella 2007
Stephen Bourke

Looking for Liduma
Dan Potts

The Petra-Shobak Tomb Survey
James Fraser

Aswan & Abu Simbel
Maree Browne

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NEAF Bulletin #50

Bulletin #50 September 2006


Building ziggurats in the air
Dan Potts
Jebel Khalid: A Seleucid Garrison on the Euphrates
John Tidmarsh
Perisan Gardens
Maree Browne
An Inside Job: Living and working in the house at Jebel Khalid
Wendy Reid
Adventures in Xinjiang
Alison Betts
Drawing the Line: The archaeology of Roman provincial borders
Kate da Costa
A Story written in Bones
Karen Hendrix

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