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  • NITV: Tess Lea on the SBS series #StruggleStreet[28 November 2017]

    The Department of Gender and Cultural Studies' Associate Professor Tess Lea will appear with Dr Christen Cornell in an NITV (National Indigenous Television) program as part of their #StruggleStreet series - 

    The program will air at 9:30pm Wednesday 29 November 2017. The focus is on Aboriginal housing and tenancy issues.


  • Philosophy's Caroline West to be Panellist at Sydney Ideas event[6 November 2017]

    Truth, Evidence, and Reason: Who can we believe?
    In this Sydney Ideas event, hosted by the Post-Truth Initiative at the University of Sydney, panellists will discuss their answers to the question “who can we believe?”


  • Deviant Thinking: Early Modern Philosophy and the Enlightenment[13 October 2017]

    What the Enlightenment stands for has been subject to much discussion in recent years, and many valuable contributions have been made that help us to understand better the significance of this period. This conference takes this discussion further by connecting up the Enlightenment with the early modern period and the “rebellious” ideas that were already formulated and passed around during this time.