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  • Submit your film to the Sydney Underground Film Festival![11 July 2018]

    Staff, students and alumni of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Sydney College of Arts can submit their films, video art and documentaries to the festival for free by Friday 13 July 2018, using the waiver code SYDUNIFASS.

    Back for its 12th year, the Sydney Undergraduate Film Festival showcases unique, quality independent films that transgress the status quo and challenge the conservative conventions of filmmaking. Collected from as far and wide as the Cannes Film Festival, South by South West and the Berlin Film Festival, the Underground Film Festival has a reputation for giving independent Australian filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work alongside renowned international filmmakers like David Lynch, Martha Colburn, Virgil Widrich and Bill Morrison.


  • CommBank is recruiting for its Summer Global Markets program![10 July 2018]

    Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 5.00pm-7.30pm, Sydney CBD

    Applications for the Global Markets Summer Analyst Program will open soon! The Global Markets team is targeting penultimate students across all disciplines.


  • 2018 Tom Austen Brown Lecture: Comparative ethnology and archaeology[10 July 2018]

    The find of the century for archaeology?

    Are archaeologists missing out on a valuable discovery channel - comparative ethnology, which compares and contrasts large samples of human societies?


  • Miranda Johnson awarded AHA prize[6 July 2018]

    Miranda Johnson has been awarded the 2018 Hancock Prize for The Land Is Our History. The Hancock is the Australian Historical Association’s prize for the best first book by an Australian scholar. It’s not limited by field, and there was an impressive shortlist. It’s wonderful to see Miranda’s rigorous and imaginative intervention getting this recognition by the historical profession in Australia.

    Congratulations Miranda


  • ARC Linkage success for Archaeology's James Flexner [19 June 2018]

    Working with partners from the Queensland Museum and Queensland University, the project wil raise awareness of South Sea Islander lives and communities.


  • Antigone and the Autocrats: 2018 Ritchie Lecture[4 June 2018]

    Department of Classics and Ancient History is pleased to announce the 2018 Ritchie Lecture with Professor Simon Goldhill, Cambridge University.


  • Pompeii reveals more of its secrets after excavation moratorium lifted[31 May 2018]

    Connie Agius from ABC Radio National's The World Today talks to Estelle Lazer about recent discoveries at Pompeii.