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Sydney University Students and ASCS Prizes and Awards

6 February, 2018

Sydney University students have been in amongst the prizes awarded at the recent meeting of the Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS 39) held at the University of Queensland from 31 January to 2 February 2018.

This was the 39th Meeting of ASCS.

Daniel Hanigan, winner of the OPTIMA awardDaniel Hanigan (Classics and Ancient History - right) won the OPTIMA award for the best presentation by a postgraduate student at ASCS 39 for his paper ‘Nomina Sacra? Etymology and “Negative Theology” in Clement of Alexandria’s Protrepticus’. Kristen Mann (Archaeology) was awarded a runner-up award for her presentation, ‘Behavioural Archaeology and the Greek Oikos: Understanding the Material Household in Geometric Greece’

In addition, Declan Noble was named winner of the Latin Unseen Competition for 2017, with Clare Pryor receiving an honourable mention. Emily Kerrison received an honourable mention for her efforts in the Greek Unseen Competition.

 Janek Dreikovsky took second place in the 2017 Douglas KellyAustralian Essay Competition for the essay, ‘Eloquar an sileam? The Characterisation of Aeneas in Aeneid III’.

 We warmly congratulate not only all the winners and runners-up, but also all the students from Australia and New Zealand who participated in each competition. Look out for opportunities to take part in this year’s round later in the year.

We also congratulate Emily Kerrison, joint author of a textbook aiming to teach ancient Greek to primary school-age students, Eureka! The textbook will be launched at 6pm on 23 February at the Centre for Classical Studies of Australia.

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