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SOPHI success with ARC funding for 2013

5 November, 2012

Congratulations to SOPHI staff who have been successful in the latest ARC round.  SOPHI has received funding for nine Discovery Projects and a DECRA for 2013.


Prof Robert Aldrich
"Banishing potentates: European colonialists and indigenous rules in the British and French overseas empires"
$296,000 (3 years)

Assoc Prof Alison Betts (Archaeology), Prof Frantz Grenet and Prof N Vadim
"Kingship, art and cult practice: decoding symbolism in an ancient Central Asian royal city"
$304,000 (3 years)

Prof Sheila Fitzpatrick (History) and Prof Mark Edele
"War and displacement: from the Soviet Union to Australia in the wake of the Second World War"
$477,575 (3 years)

Prof Paul Griffiths (Philosophy)
"A methodological analysis of the application of evolutionary medicine to non-communicable diseases"
$160,000 (2 years)

Assoc Prof Michael McDonnell (History), Dr Clare Corbould and Prof William Brundage
"The revolution in Black American life: memory and history in the making of African America"
$372,132 (3 years)

Ms Frances Muecke (Classics & Ancient History) and Dr Maurizio Cambanelli
"The invention of Rome: Biondo Flavio's Roma triumphans and its worlds"
$282,000 (3 years)

Prof Peter Read (History), Dr Elizabeth Rechniewski, Dr Marivic Wyndham, Assoc Prof Judith Keene (History) and Prof Adrian Vickers
"Judging the past in a post-cold War world"
$195,000 (3 years)

Prof Paul Redding (Philosophy)
"Analysis in the idealist tradition: the development of Leibniz's analytic method by Kant and Hegel and its implications for contemporary philosophy"
$600,000 (3 years)

Prof Shane White (History)
"The Prince of Darkness: Wall Street's first black millionaire"
$376,000 (3 years)

Dr Jodi Frawley
 (Gender & Cultural Studies)
"Shoal waters: estuary histories, local knowledge and sustainable fishing in Eastern Australia"
$357,139 (3 years)