Neo-Pragmatism: Truth and Justification Conference

From 6 December, 2012 to 7 December, 2012

Co-Sponsored by SHAPE research seminar (Sydney) and Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (Oslo)

Organizers: David Macarthur, Bjorn Ramberg.
Venue: S421, Main Quad, University of Sydney

The aim of this conference will be to explore the latest neo-pragmatist approaches in epistemology with a central focus on the debate between Hilary Putnam and Richard Rorty – the two fathers of neo-pragmatism – on the nature of truth and justification and their relationship. Key questions that we will pursue include: What is the most fruitful non-essentialist approach to truth? Is truth the goal of inquiry? In what sense is truth a norm of inquiry (if at all)? What is the connection between truth and justification if we are to avoid the mistake of identifying the two with each other? What is the relation between justification and a community of inquirers (believers)?

Location: Room S421, Quadrangle, University of Sydney

Contact:Dr David Macarthur
Phone: 61 2 9351-3193