Events from 24 July, 2014

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  • 28th July, 2014
    6.00pm - 7.30pm

    Sydney Ideas Key Texts - Professor Barbara Caine

    Nelson Mandela and 'Long Walk to Freedom': the making of a text

    Professor Barbara Caine, Head of School, Philosophical and Historical Inquiry, the University of Sydney

  • 1st August, 2014 to 3rd August, 2014

    The Image in Question: Interdisciplinary International Conference

    Cost: One day only $70, Both days $145; Concession: One day only $45, Both days $90

    Contact: Sydney College of the Arts 61 2 9351 1000

    Sponsored by: The Image in Question Conference and Sceptical Image exhibition is Jointly Organised by The School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI) and Sydney College of the Arts, the University of Sydney and The Institute for Social Justice Australian Catholic University.

    More info: Please visit for full details and to register.

  • 5th August, 2014

    Animals and Social Justice

    Professor Will Kymlicka, Canadian Research Chair in Political Philosophy, Queen’s University

    Co-presented with the Human Animal Research Network (HARN) and the Sydney Environment Institute

    Animals have been largely neglected by theories of justice. While there have been some improvements in welfare and public awareness of animal suffering, political philosophers have been slow to address how we might construct societies to provide social justice towards animals. This forum generates more debate on how we can imagine social justice when we also consider animals.

    Will Kymlicka, Canadian Research Chair in Political Philosophy, Queen’s University will address the question of why progressive and social justice movements have failed to take up issues relating to the welfare and rights of animals. Drawing from his recent work (co-authored with Sue Donaldson)  Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights, as well as his internationally renowned work on multiculturalism and citizenship, Professor Kymlicka will examine the political and cultural challenges to animal rights recognition.

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  • 26th August, 2014

    Human Nature and the Construction of the State: Spinoza and Hobbes - A Workshop

    Muniment Room
    Room S401,
    Level 4 via Lobby B
    (Southern Vestibule)
    Quadrangle A14
    The University of Sydney

    The Muniment Room is accessible via either the Northern (Lobby A) or Southern (Lobby B) Vestibules’ staircases on the Eastern side of the Quadrangle Building