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SURCLA Seminar | Genealogía de una amnistía prevista: Uruguay confirma su perfil identitario.

21 May, 2013
5.30 - 7.00pm

Genealogía de una amnistía prevista: Uruguay confirma su perfil identitario.
Estela Valverde, Macquarie University


This talk will be given in Spanish.


In the aftermath of the dictatorship that ruled Uruguay between 1973-85 total amnesty laws were passed that were later confirmed in two different referenda by their citizens. The acceptance of this amnesty was contrary to international human rights laws and the Interamerican Court of Human Rights rulings. This paper analyses this unusual development in the global processes of transitional justice by dwelling in the politico-philosophical genealogy of the Uruguayan identity.


Estelea Valverde: Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Estela completed her tertiary studies in Australia with a PhD in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Her career has centred around the development and implementation of Spanish and Latin American programs and interpreting and translation courses in different universities. The promotion of languages other than English in Australia has been one of her passions, that prompted her to direct three important governmental research projects and inspired her to fund the Language for Export Research Centre. She has promoted international academic exchanges and has herself been a Visiting Fellow in the Instituto de Historia y Pensamiento Argentino (Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina), the Escuela de Traducción at Universidad de Granada (Spain); the Centre for Lebanese Studies at Oxford University and the Leuven Institute of Criminology at the Leuven Catholic University. Her language acquisition research has focused on the development of innovative teaching materials, which has recently focused on computer-assisted language acquisition and online learning. Her multidisciplinary research has centred around the exploration of issues related to history, memory and politics; ethnic, gender and national identities; social movements, transitional justice, re-democratisation and human rights.


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Contact:Vek Lewis

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