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SURCLA Presents | Rapanui in Hispanonesia: Development and conflict on Easter Island, Chile

24 September, 2013
5.30 - 7.00pm

Grant McCall
University of Sydney

Rapanui has been a Chilean territory since 1888 and may be said to be a part of "Hispanonesia", the Spanish speaking Pacific, once much larger, during the Spanish colonial era. The base culture for Rapanui is Eastern Polynesian, their traditional models for behaviour and belief being to the west. But, their model for modernity is to the east, Chile and Latin America. The paper explores how this has developed and why the Rapanui now are seeking at least local autonomy if not independence from their Chilean metropole.

Location: Refectory Room, Quadrangle Building (down stairs in SW corner)

Contact:Fernanda Peñaloza

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