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SURCLA Presents | Interpreting Folkloric Cuban Music Styles through Big Band

22 October, 2013
5.30 - 7.00pm

Gai Bryant, Musician & Composer
Sydney Conservatorium of Music


The paper explores the adaptation and interpretation of secular Cuban folkloric music styles rumba, danzon and tonada for a standard big band format. Due to the lack of recording during Marchado’s presidency and the political revolution of 1959 in Cuba it was necessary to source archival recordings and interview Cuban musicians and musicologists to gather information on the above music styles. Adapting these styles successfully entailed determining the music and dance elements that are specific and inherent in each style and to orchestrate that information across the ensemble through six compositions/arrangements. The arrangements featured with this research respect the defining elements of traditional Cuban rumba, danzon and tonada including the role of the dancers.


Location: Refectory Room, Quadrangle Building (down stairs in SW corner)

Contact:Fernanda Peñaloza

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