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SURCLA Seminar | A Linguistic Project with Tsotsil of San Isidro la Libertad, Chiapas, Mexico

13 May, 2014

Ana has just finished a language documentation project with Tsotsil Maya, spoken in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. She will share her experience of living and working in this community, focusing on the speakers of this language, their world-view, their beliefs and lifestyle. This Tsotsil community is very proud of its culture. San Isidro de la Libertad is one of several ‘autonomous’ communities of Chiapas, who do not recognize the official Mexican government.

Tsotsil of San Isidro la Libertad has never been written down. The community approached the linguist and asked her to produce language maintenance materials that would represent a record of their language and culture. A result of this project is a 200 pages book of narratives, containing audio and video recordings made during the project in this remote hamlet high in the mountains above San Cristobal de las Casas.

Location: Room 436, Teachers College Building, Manning Road

Contact:Dr Fernanda Peñaloza

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