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SURCLA Seminar | Interconnecting the meaning of security and justice in war-torn societies

3 June, 2014

In war-torn societies under the umbrella of providing security and justice much violence does happens. The lack of a holistic approach prevents us from looking the deep interconnections between policies in security and those affected by the policies.
My case study covers a Peruvian conflict and highlights the consequences from the repression. However it can be applied to any vulnerable society experiencing the effect of war. In particular I focus in on the large percentage of survivors of war, the women’s agency. Here I explain how under the umbrella of security, human insecurity took place in Peru. I explore women’s survival experiences while living in conflict, in the midst of massacres, torture and disappearances. I conclude by discussing how their experiences in the conflict become obstacles for women to develop their human capabilities.

My presentation unfolds the deprivations of security and justice in post-conflict settings for women and their role in the transition to peace-building for their communities. Through this analysis I concentrate on the gap between the discourse/policies of security and the interconnection of its meaning once applied those policies.

Location: Room 436, Teachers College Building, Manning Road

Contact:Dr Fernanda Peñaloza

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