Welcome to the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies

Why study Spanish?

Spanish is spoken by close to 500 million people, in over 20 countries. By learning the Spanish language, you are equipping yourself with the tools to engage with many different cultures with diverse and unique traditions.

You may be interested in learning Spanish to expand your interests in music, art history and theory, literature, architecture, film, dance, society, politics or history. This list shows just some of the possible ways to incorporate the study of Spanish into your degree.

In the workplace, language students are recognised as having well developed communication, research and analytical skills, so studying Spanish can help you launch yourself into a successful career in any number of fields including tourism, journalism, finance, translation and teaching.

Why study at Sydney University?

The University of Sydney offers a full degree course with the possibility of majoring in Spanish. There are two introductory units, which contain both language and an introduction to Spanish and Latin American civilisation; two intermediate language units, two advanced language units, and further units, two on Spanish culture, two on Latin American culture, and one on Spanish translation which may be taken concurrently with intermediate or advanced language. An honours program is also offered and Spanish courses at the University of Sydney are supported by WebCT and a rich, language-friendly environment.