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Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies, University of Sydney

Why study Spanish and Latin American Studies at Sydney?

Image by our student, Correa Wilson

Image by Correa Wilson

Like a beautiful Gaudi mosaic, the Spanish-speaking world is made up of distinct elements with invaluable characteristics which are fully realised with placed together.

Learn the world’s second most widely spoken language, and engage with the cultures and histories of more than 400 million people. Explore the many diverse and vibrant cultures that can be found across Spain and throughout the Americas.

Acquire strong language skills and an astute awareness of the complex diversity of the Spanish-speaking world that extends beyond geographical boundaries.

We will equip you to speak and understand Spanish in social, political, historical and cultural contexts. With us, you can a critical understanding of the relationship between language and culture and how it involves the past and present, linguistic, cultural, professional and intellectual factors.

Our activities and assessment tasks stimulate a high degree of reflection and analysis. At the core of what we do is the understanding that knowledge contained in the Spanish language speaks to the politics of location that oftentimes contests dominant paradigms.

Knowing Spanish can help you launch yourself into a successful career in any number of fields including tourism, journalism, finance, translation and teaching.

Hear from our student Tallulah Bur about where studying with us can take you.