Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies

Spanish, the third most spoken language internationally, engages you with the world. Studying in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies equips you with a deep and applied knowledge of the Spanish language, its social and academic contexts and uses, as well as the tools to examine and understand past and contemporary forms of politics, society and culture in the Spanish-speaking world. Our exchange programs with universities in Spain and Latin America enhance your learning by offering in-country exposure to these societies and cultures. Language learning in our Department is a means not merely to communicate but to engage with real world issues. Our graduates gain skills that are valued in diplomacy, journalism, arts, education, business and the law: in other words, in all areas requiring cultural exchange.

Latest News

  • Positions available for Sessional Tutors

     The School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) currently has opportunities available for sessional tutors. We are looking for motivated teaching staff who are interested in casual work during semester. Our School offers the widest range of language and culture studies in Australia. As a sessional tutor at the University of Sydney you will have the chance to work alongside world class academics. See the selection criteria for more information.