Research Strengths

The Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies is an expanding department with particular strengths in contemporary cultural studies. Members of the department have research interests that cross disciplinary boundaries and reach into disciplines such as sociology, anthropology and psychology and addresses topics such as nationalism, identity, gender, politics, ethnicity, social movements, and statecraft among others.

The broad area in which research is conducted is the contemporary culture of Spain and Latin America. Specific research projects currently being undertaken by members of the department include:

  • Critical Discourse Analysis of Media and Law
  • Sociology of Law and Political Cultures in Mexico
  • Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Latin American Contexts
  • Migration Studies
  • The Politics of Identity in Latin American Statecraft
  • Ethnicity and Race in Electoral Politics
  • The Fiction of Contemporary Spain and its Role in Navigating Reality
  • Themes of War, Memory, Trauma in Spain’s Narrative
  • Identity, Memory and Space in Spanish Women’s Writings
  • Second Language Acquisition Pedagogy
  • Spanish & Latin American Literature and Film
  • Islam, Europe & Spain
  • Cultural Dislocation in Contemporary Europe

Please refer to staff profiles for further details.