Academic Coordinators

Chair of Department

Undergraduate Coordinator

Course Coordinators

SPAN1621 Level 1: Dr Rubén Pérez-Hidalgo

SPAN2611 Level 3: Macarena Ortiz Jiménez

SPAN2615 Indigenous Movements In Latin America: Dr Luis Fernando Angosto Ferrández

SPAN2631 Cultural and Social Change in Spain: Dr Anne Walsh

SPAN2641 Filmmaking in the Latin American Context: Dr Rubén Pérez-Hidalgo

SPAN3001 Spanish Level 5: Dr Beatriz Carbajal

SPAN3611 Spanish Level 7: Dr Anne Walsh

SPAN3613 Level 9: Dr Beatriz Carbajal

SPAN3622 Spanish Translation: Dr Anne Walsh

SPAN3624 Spain: A Nation of Nations?: Macarena Ortiz Jiménez

International Exchange Coordinator

Honours Coordinator

Postgraduate Coordinator

Unit Coordinators

Unit coordinators are listed on undergraduate semester timetables. Unit coordinators (as well as the Faculty) should be informed of any illness or other misadventure that leads students to miss classes and tutorials or be late with assignments.