Current and recent Honours theses


  • Hemispheric Hip Hop: Southern American and Cuban Rap (Tara Morrissey; joint with English)
  • New Visions of the Favelado? A Press Analysis in the Wake of Lula’s Ascendency in Brazil (Nicole Fidalgo)
  • Indigenous Medicine, Intellectual Property and International Laws in Brazil and the Peruvian Amazon (Christian Petersen Tym)
  • Cosmpolitanism and Consumption in Latin American Urban Settlements (David Thompson; joint with Global Studies)

Recent theses

  • Media Spectacles of Violence and Insecurity in Mexico: The Kidnapping Crisis
  • Comparative Analysis of Two Social Movements in Egypt and Mexico
  • Visions of Carnival and Latin America in Tintin
  • Comparative Laws around Land Rights and Indigenous Struggles in Chile and Australia