School of Social and Political Sciences

The School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS) is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic communities of social scientists in the world.  Since 2009, SSPS has recruited over 40 new permanent staff, including 10 full professors. Our research is globally recognized as excellent. Social sciences at Sydney is currently ranked 24th in the world by QS and the individual disciplines we cover are usually ranked in the top 30 globally.

SSPS is home to the Departments of Anthropology, Government and International Relations, Political Economy, Sociology and Social Policy, the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, the Centre for International Security Studies , and the Graduate School of Government. Details of the research and teaching strengths of the constituent parts of the School are available on the relevant departmental web pages.

We believe strongly in the close relationship between excellence in research and high quality teaching. Our students and researchers benefit from a number of collaborative networks and research initiatives within the school and with other parts of the University that provide innovative teaching and research opportunities within Australia, and with other parts of the world. School based networks include Biopolitics of Science and Society, Social Transformation and International Migration, Human Rights and Democratisation, Law and Society, Electoral Integrity, Sydney Democracy Network (SDN) and Religion, State & Society.  Networks with significant input from members of the School include Social Justice, Climate Change, and The China Studies Centre. We also have strong input into the work of the United States Studies Centre.

As regards teaching, our undergraduate and postgraduate courses are sought after for being at the cutting edge of the social sciences. They consist of a range of units and programmes of study that provide an outstanding basis for employment or further research through our MA, MPhil and PhD programs.

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