Events from 19 January, 2017

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  • 6th February, 2017

    Can Robots Kill Capitalism?

    Paul Mason, former Economics Editor at Channel 4 and now writer and broadcaster on economics and social justice, will detail that we live in a time when it is easier to imagine the end of the world through ecological deterioration than it is to imagine the end of capitalism.

  • 8th February, 2017

    Sydney Ideas - The Madhouse Effect: Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump

    With the election of Donald Trump, it seems climate change denial has reached into the most powerful political office in the world. In this special Sydney Ideas lecture climate scientist Professor Michael Mann provides a somewhat light-hearted take on a very serious issue.

  • 21st February, 2017

    Defeating the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock

    In 2016, thousands of people, led by Standing Rock Sioux Tribal members, gathered to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)—creating the #NoDAPL movement. Kyle Whyte's work on climate and environmental justice explores the significance for Indigenous peoples and environmentalism.

  • 16th March, 2017
    5.00pm - 6.30pm

    Public Lecture | Social Transformation and Human Mobility: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of Migration

    In this lecture Professor Castles will draw on his ideas he has developed across his career, ideas about migration and change, racism and society, as well as globalism and precarity, in order to help make sense of the current events, but also to propose new ideas about the future of human mobility.

  • 17th March, 2017
    8.30am - 5.30pm

    Professor Stephen Castles Festschrift

    Recently Professor Stephen Castles retired from his academic appointment at the University of Sydney. We are planning to celebrate the academic work of Stephen with a one and half day series of events in his honour.

  • 29th March, 2017

    The Origins and Dynamics of Crony Capitalism in China

    Professor Minxin Pei, Claremont McKenna College examines China's crony capitalism as a result of the corruption in the post-Tiananmen era.

  • 3rd July, 2017 to 7th July, 2017


    The LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building will host the Second International Legitimation Code Theory conference (LCTC2) 3-7 July 2017, bringing together multidisciplinary researchers, practitioners and students from all over the world.