Lunchtime Research Seminars

23 April, 2013
11.45AM - 1.30PM

 Real Choices: Does it Matter What’s On The Ballot?




 Professor Larry Leduc

 (University of Toronto)

 Chair: Prof. Pippa Norris

 Discussant: Sandra Urquiza

Synopsis: The range of choices presented to voters in elections and the meaningfulness of those choices has been a subject of increasing interest in the comparative study of elections in recent years. Because the choice structure varies widely under different institutional arrangements, recognition of this ‘supply side’ approach to electoral choice deepens our understanding of the constraints acting upon the vote decision in a particular national context. In this paper, I pursue this issue utilizing data from 35 countries in wave 6 (2010-2012) of the World Values Survey (WVS). I concentrate on a bank of nine items included in 20 of the WVS countries as part of the Electoral Integrity Project. The analysis suggests that the different institutional structures that shape the choice(s) available are important to the voting decision, and that perceptions of the quality of that choice, as well as the perceived fairness and integrity of the electoral process, affect both the probability of voting in a particular election and citizens’ overall evaluation of democratic performance.

All university staff and graduate research students are welcome to attend. Lunch and refreshments will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Location: The Boardroom, 276 Merewether Building (H04)