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  • Beauty without harm[11 August 2015]

    Rethinking the link between fashion and the environment with the Sydney Environment Institute.


  • Societal PTSD and the Israel-Palestine conflict[10 August 2015]

    Psychotherapist, researcher, and a peace activist Dr Annabel McGoldrick discusses the societal form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) experienced by those caught up in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, and what this means for peace talks.


  • Experts gather at the University of Sydney to discuss the ‘unfinished robot revolution’ [7 August 2015]

    They used to be a thing of science fiction, but robots are a reality, taking on many of the tasks usually performed by humans. Some even argue that we're entering a second machine-age revolution. Professor Fabio Ramos sets the scene for this evening's discussion at The University on the ‘unfinished robot revolution‘. 


  • Greek debt crisis: Europe feels like a madhouse – ABC interview with John Keane [20 July 2015]

    Greece’s Prime Minister is vowing to press ahead with a controversial bailout referendum as European leaders rule out any fresh debt offer before Sunday’s vote. The World Today spoke to John Keane, a professor of politics at the University of Sydney, who says there’s a power struggle underway.


  • Why women are not joining the defence forces[10 July 2015]

    The combat exclusion has gone but the military remains an unwelcoming place for women soldiers, suggests new research by Dr Megan MacKenzie.


  • Tim Anderson’s New Book: ‘Land and Livelihoods in Papua New Guinea’[15 June 2015]

    Tim Anderson’s new book, ‘Land and Livelihoods in Papua New Guinea’ argues that notions of ‘economy’ and ‘development’ have no meaning without a broad and inclusive focus on the livelihoods of local inhabitants. Combining existing evidence with original studies it charts the economic options for rural families, suggesting their best way forward is by maintaining customary land as the basis for rich hybrid livelihoods.


  • 2015 Best and Brightest Showcase[9 June 2015]

    The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences recently held its annual Best and Brightest Showcase at Parliament House, in recognition of the most exceptional Honours Theses in Government and International Relations.