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  • Feeding the masses: China-Latin America agriculture connections through time[28 May 2014]

    On 21st May 2014, the University of Chicago Centre for Latin American Studies hosted a forum in collaboration with the University of Sydney and the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN), entitled “Feeding the masses: China-Latin America agriculture connections through time.”


  • Best and the Brightest 2014[22 May 2014]

    In May 2014 the Department's fifth annual Best and Brightest showcase for IVth  Honours research was held at Parliament House. 



  • New Book - Challenging the Orthodoxy: Reflections on Frank Stilwell's Contribution to Political Economy[5 December 2013]

    Last April the Department of Political Economy held a conference to celebrate the contribution of its Emeritus Professor Frank Stilwell.  The speakers included an array of renowned heterodox economists and political activists from Australia and abroad.  The topics included various aspects of economic policy, approaches to teaching, income inequality and social justice, regions and cities, and environmental issues.