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  • Explainer: the federal Climate Policy Review[21 December 2017]

    The federal government's new climate policy review proposes loosening the rules on Australia’s biggest-emitting companies, such as power generators. Dr Rebecca Pearse explains how it might be a sign of business as usual.


  • How to rock white sneakers without eco-guilt[20 December 2017]

    Iconic Stan Smiths can be styled with almost anything, but most white sneakers are costly to the environment. Lisa Heinz, a PhD candidate in the Sydney Environment Institute, explains the alternatives.


  • 10th anniversary interview - Charlotte Epstein[19 December 2017]

    Associate Professor Charlotte Epstein reflects on developments and changes in the field of International Relations over the last decade, in E-International Relations, the world's leading open access website for international Politics.


  • Bachelor of Arts/Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) degree[15 December 2017]

    Beginning in 2018, our new Politics and International Relations degree will provide you with the tools to lead and make a difference. The degree covers all aspects of political, cultural and economic relations at both the domestic and international levels. It explores the world-shaping political forces that extend far beyond national boundaries and impact our lives in unexpected ways. Watch the video


  • World-leading political scientist wins Berlin Prize[14 December 2017]

    Political scientist Professor Pippa Norris has won the Sir Isaiah Berlin Prize for her lifetime contribution to political studies.


  • We fear sharks less when we understand their behaviour[14 December 2017]

    Researchers surveyed more than 500 visitors to an aquarium 'shark tunnel' to understand how attitudes to sharks and government shark policies can change.