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International policy analysis paper on Gender Strategy in the International Cooperation Division

18 June, 2013

Associate Professor Nicola Piper and one of the Department’s PhD scholars, Sohoon Lee, were recently approached by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in view of developing an international policy analysis paper as part of their work on Gender Strategy in the International Cooperation Division.

This policy paper focuses on issues of discrimination affecting female labour migrants in Asia, paying specific attention to multiplicities of discrimination. The paper uses intersectionality methodology which opens up the view to complex identities with respect to gender, citizen, income-status, ethnicity, legal status, which holistically creates structures that are highly unequal for migrant women. Although there are internationally agreed standards on anti-discrimination, such standards are difficult to apply in cases where the oppressive structures intersect to create unique forms of vulnerabilities. Structures and dynamics that underlie the gendered channeling of migrant women into select few jobs and roles are visualized in this paper, which can give useful insight for concerned policy makers and other experts in the region.

Click here to view the full paper (PDF)