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Dr. Adrian Hearn spoke at Parliament House on opportunities for mutual learning between Australia, Latin America, and China

28 November, 2013

On 26th November 2013, Dr. Adrian Hearn participated in a summit on Australia-Latin America relations at Parliament House.  Organised by the Australia-Latin America Business Council (ALABC), the summit was attended by Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Robb, Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop, and other leaders from government, business, and academia.

Dr. Hearn’s presentation put Australia-Latin America relations in the context of Asia’s growing global prominence.  Like Australia, many Latin American countries have increasingly oriented their economies to the export of natural resources to China.  This has created shared challenges—and a consequent need for dialogue—between Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and other nations grappling with the opportunities and challenges posed by China’s economic growth.  These include the need for new regulatory frameworks for managing foreign investment (not least from Chinese state-owned enterprises), a better understanding of Chinese society and politics, strategies for diminishing the environmental consequences of skyrocketing natural resource exports, and more sophisticated reflection on the merits and problems associated with foreign land acquisition for agricultural development.  Further information on the summit is available from the Australia-Latin America Business Council:

ALABC Group photo  ALBC and Dr Adrian Hearn photo