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The SSPS Review celebrates the achievements of the School of Social and Political Sciences – staff, students and alumni, as well as donors who make a significant contribution to research and the student experience.

Issue 5 | June 2017

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Our fifth edition showcases the innovative research and teaching practices taking place in SSPS, and event highlights from first semester.

Articles include:

  • A look at the 2017 Sydney Peace Prize winners, Black Lives Matter, an on-the-ground political network that has 39 chapters worldwide
  • The dream vs reality of working at the United Nations Headquarters in New York
  • The experiences of refugees and asylum seekers affected by border politics in the US and Australia
  • Highlights from the new 2018 undergraduate curriculum
  • Alumni Rhys Michie on the importance of advocating for the criminalisation of revenge porn in NSW
  • Research into transforming the understanding of dementia as a common experience of ageing

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