Journal Service

Many members of the School of Social and Political Sciences provide services to research as editors and editorial board members of national and international journals in a variety of disciplines including anthropology, the social sciences, politics, international relations, political theory, area studies, and political economy.

Name Role Journal Term
Salvatore Babones Editorial Board Journal of World-Systems Research  

Betsi Beem
Editorial Board
Coastal Management 2010-2013
Editorial Board Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis 2009-2012
Gavin Butler Editorial Board Journal of Australian Political Economy 1997 -
Damien Cahill
Editorial Board
Journal of Australian Political Economy  

Stephen Castles
Editorial Board Asian Population Studies  
International Editorial Board Ethnic and Racial Studies  
Editorial Board Global Networks  
Editorial Board Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies  
Editorial Board Journal of Intercultural Studies  
International Editorial Advisory Board Journal of Refugee Studies  
Consejo Editorial Migracion y Desarrollo  
Consejo Asesor Migraciones  
Danielle Celermajer Editorial Board Literature and Aesthetics  

Peter Chen
Editorial Board International Journal of Electronic Governance 2007 -
Editorial Board Journal of Information Technology and Politics 2007 -

Lynne Chester
Editorial Board American Journal of Economics and Sociology  
Editorial Board International Journal of Global Energy Issues'  
Editorial Board International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education  
Editorial Board Journal of Australian Political Economy  
Fran Collyer
Editorial Advisory Board
Health Sociology Review
Linda Connor
Editorial Committee
Oceania 2000 -
Editorial Board
Medical Anthropology
2001 -

Gillian Cowlishaw
Editorial Board Dialectical Anthropology  
Editorial Committee Oceania  
Catriona Elder Editorial Board Journal of Australian Studies 2007 -
Charlotte Epstein Editorial Board International Studies Perspectives  
Editorial Board
Australian Journal of Political Science 2011 -

Graeme Gill
Chief Editor Eurasian Review  
Editorial Board Journal of Communist Studies and Transitional Politics 1994 -

David Goodman
Editorial Board China Information 2000 -
Editorial Board China Perspectives 1997 -
Editorial Board CONfines de realciones internacionales y ciencia politica 2005 -
Editorial Board Globalizations 2006 -
Editorial Board Journal of Contemporary China 1999 -
Editorial Board Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2005 -
Editorial Board Mexico y la Cuenca del Pacifico 2002 -
Editorial Board The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs 1991 -
Editorial Board The China Quarterly 1999 -
Editorial Board The International Journal of Human Rights 1996 -
Editorial Board The Pacific Review 1987 -
Editorial Board Third World Quarterly 1991 -

Christine Inglis
International Advisory Board British Journal of Sociology  
Editorial Board Diversities  
Editor International Sociology  



Michael Jackson

Editorial Board American Review of Public Administration 2000 -
Editorial Board Journal of Management History 2004 -
Editorial Board Journal of Value Inquiry 1992 -
Editorial Board Springer Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning 2009 -
Editorial Board Theoria 1997 -
Alex Lefebvre
Associate Editor
Contemporary Political Theory
Gaynor Macdonald Research Advisory Committee Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, representing Anthropology  
Neil Maclean Editor Oceania 1996 -

Greg Martin
Associate Editor Crime, Media, Culture 2010 -
Editorial Advisory Board Social Movement Studies 2002 -
Karl Maton Editorial Board Journal of Critical Realism 2003 -

Allan McConnell
Editorial Board Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management  
Editorial Board Policy and Society  
Editorial Board
Risk Management
2010 -

John Mikler
Consulting Editor Australian Review of Public Affairs 2006 -
Guest Editor Policy and Society: Sharing Sovereignty for Policy Outcomes 2011

Jadran Mimica
International Editorial Board Anthropological Notebooks (journal of the Slovene Anthropological Society)  
Editor Oceania  
Susan Park Editorial Board Australian Journal of International Affairs 2010 -
Gaby Ramia International Advisory Board Global Social Policy  
Associate Editor Labour and Industry  
Co-Editor Social Policy Review  
Stuart Rosewarne Executive Asia-Pacific Environmental Council 1996 -
Editorial Board Journal of Australian Political Economy 1990 -

Ariel Salleh
Senior Editor Capitalism Nature Socialism 2003-2010
Editorial Board
Capitalism Nature Socialism 1989 -
Editorial Board Ecopolitics 2007-2009
Editorial Board Ecopolitics: Thought and Action 2000-2003
Editorial Board Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 1993-1996
Guest Editor International Journal of Water 2010
Editorial Board International Journal of Water 2001 -
Editorial Board Organization and Environment 1996 -
Editorial Board Thesis Eleven: a socialist journal 1983-1988
Rodney Smith Editorial Board Australasian Parliamentary Review  
Editorial Board Policy and Society  

Frank Stilwell
Editorial Board Australian Option 2005 -
Editorial Board In Site 1998 -
Editorial Board Industry and Innovation 1996 -
Editorial Coordinator Journal of Australian Political Economy 1990 -
Editorial Board Journal of Australian Political Economy 1977 -
Editorial Board Regional Studies 1971 -
Editorial Board Social Alternatives 2000 -
Rod Tiffen International Editorial Board Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism 2000 -

Simon Tormey
Editorial Board Contemporary Political Theory ongoing
Editorial Board Critical Literacy: Theories and Practices ongoing
Ariadne Vromen Editorial Board Journal of Australian Studies  

Catherine Waldby
Advisory Board Australian Feminist Studies  
Chief Editor BioSocieties, an interdisciplinary journal for the social studies of life sciences  
Editorial Board East Asian Science and Technology Studies  
International Advisory Board Feminist Theory  
Editorial Board Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine  
Advisory Board In Vivo: The Cultural Mediations of Biomedical Science  
Editorial Board Journal of Medical Humanities  
Editorial Board New Genetics and Society  
Editorial Board Social Science and Medicine  
Editorial Board Social Studies of Science  
Elected member, Executive Board Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) 2008-2010
Editorial Board Studies in Ethics, Law and Technology  
Editorial Advisory Board
Genetics and Society Book Series
2010 -