Dr Alec Pemberton

B.Soc. Stud. BA (First Class Honours) MA. (Qld.) Ph.D (Sydney)
Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Social Policy

F12 - Transient Building
The University of Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9351 4201

Research interests

A) Contemporary social problems: mental illness and the history of madness; poverty, deviance and social difference; Australian Social Policy.

B) Sociological Theory: Classical and Contemporary .

C) The application of the gospels (especially the parables of Jesus) to contemporary social issues (welfare policy, poverty). Currently completing a book ‘Parables, Politics, and People’.

D) Problems of Group Projects in University Teaching (using focus groups and formal evaluation survey data to assess and improve the use of group project work in teaching social science).

E) Controversies in the ‘Medicalisation of Madness’

Teaching and supervision

Recent Teaching:

  • SCLG 2601 Sociological Theory 2000-2009: (Lecturing and Tutoring);
  • SCLG2608 Social Construction of Difference : 2000-2006 (Course Coordinator);
  • SCLG2614 Madness, Difference and Normality : 2000-2006 (Course Coordinator);
  • SCPL2602 Contesting Social Policies: 2001-2006 (Course Coordinator);
  • SCLG4012 Advanced Issues in Sociological Research (Hons. Course) 2005,2006: (Course Coordinator);
  • SSCI2602 Social, Political and Economic Thought 2, 2006 (Course Coordinator);
  • SCLG 2604 Social Inequality in Australia, Summer School, 2008, 2009 (Course Coordinator);
  • SCLG2608 The Social Construction of Difference, Winter School, 2008; 2009 (Course Coordinator);
  • SCLG2613 The Sociology of Childhood and Youth, Tutor;
  • SCLG2609 The Sociology of Sport, Tutor
  • SCPL2601 Australian Social Policy, Semester One, 2009 (Course Coordinator).

Research Supervision:
Honours, Masters, and Doctoral Supervision (includes completions and three continuing Ph D students):

  • Andrew Lynch ( submitting, September, 2009)
  • Elizabeth Valmadre
  • Naomi Green



On call to NCOSS (NSW Council of Social Services)

Readership/advisor to Polity Press on Political Theory/philosophy text

Over ten years teaching Sociology to Psychiatry students(medical graduates) at the NSW Institute of Psychiatry.

Awards and honours

Grants, Fellowships and Awards:

  • Foundation Travelling Scholarship to Trinity College, Oxford, UK (from The University of Queensland) 1972-1976.
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Excellence Award 2001
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Initiative Award 2000
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Initiative Award 2001


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Conference Papers / Addresses
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