student profile: Miss Blythe Worthy


Thesis work

Thesis title: The Lake in the Frame: Jane Campion's Television 1986-2017

Supervisors: Melissa HARDIE , Rebecca JOHINKE

Thesis abstract:

My thesis interrogates the ways in which New Zealand auteur Jane Campion has evolved and adapted to an industry in flux, rising to become a giant of iconoclastic cinema. Exploring responses to cultural and industrial puritanism through her ever complex chimeras of celluloid and offering a meditative critique on her depictions of the violent normality of the domestic space, I am aiming to rehistoricise Campion's career. With a focus on her television work and using a diverse range of theorists, I will create a cartography of Campion's movements, from the early miniseries in the late 1980s to a dramatic return to network television in 2013 and 2017. Through my investigation into Campion’s collaborators, adaptations and contexts, I am aiming to interrogate and expose the ways in which the director has evolved her cinematic interests, furthering dialogues around figures of "representation" in Campion’s depth of vision, in both senses of the word.

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