student profile: Miss Blythe Worthy


Thesis work

Thesis title: The Lake in the Frame: Abjection, Sensuality and Feminism in Jane Campion's Miniseries 1990-2017

Supervisors: Rebecca JOHINKE , Melissa HARDIE

Thesis abstract:

Throughout art history, cultural obsessions with images of dead non-cismen on screen have permeated the public psyche via network television and popular literature, forging a prevailing desensitisation in our collective consciousness. It seems a good female character in crime fiction is a myriad chimera, a monster crone or an illusion, a mutation of a man via a fractured female detective or a dead plot device who flickers briefly then disappears. The quiet women in repose is both idealised and vilified, a warning or backlash against the outspoken history of the feminist movement.

My thesis interrogates these chimeras of celluloid, offering a meditative critique on the dangerous representations of women in crime and their violent normality in the domestic space. Considering the works of New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion, an artist who seeks to rehistoricise women's roles and using a majority of non-cismale theorists, I am attempting to create a cartography of the disappearing non-cisman in network television. A thorough investigation into Campion’s network television work, including her 1990 miniseries An Angel at my Table, a biography of New Zealand poet Janet Frame, will aid in furthering dialogues around figures of "representation" in Campion’s depth of vision, in both senses of the word.

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