student profile: Miss Evelyn Araluen Corr


Thesis work

Thesis title: The Form and Function of Aboriginal Literatures Within and Without White Readership

Supervisors: Peter MINTER , Brigid ROONEY

Thesis abstract:

This project will attempt to chart major developments in ways of reading the variety of cultures, spaces, and networks of Indigenous literary production, with an intent to prioritise modes of representation, interpretation, and response devised and enacted by Indigenous Peoples. It is my contention that before these texts can be read within national, or transnational discourses, there needs to be significant work done in the area of specifically Indigenous literary discourses. In discussing these developments, I will attempt to suggest ways of thinking about a methodological practice of reading Aboriginal writing and scholarship which is localised to specific concerns of Aboriginal communities across Australia, but is also conscious of Australia’s presence in a global Indigenous community.

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