student profile: Ms Lisa Heinze


Thesis work

Thesis title: Fashioning Sustainability: Fashion as social practice and encountering sustainability in everyday life

Supervisors: Elspeth PROBYN , Natalya LUSTY

Thesis abstract:

In today’s environmental climate, sustainability initiatives target multiple aspects of everyday life, including fashion. Yet despite the increasing number of anti-consumerist campaigns and the increase in sustainable fashion labels entering the market, mainstream fashion consumption practices remain environmentally unsustainable. This project examines the interaction of fashion with sustainability in order to rethink fashion consumption as a social practice and consider the ways that it is involved with globalisation, identity, economics, ritual, and everyday culture. The research includes in-depth interviews with leading sustainable fashion labels and advocacy groups and an ethnography of fashion shopping conducted with ‘fashion lovers’ using multiple qualitative research methods including participant observation, in-depth interviews and shopping ‘go-alongs’. Through this detailed ethnography of fashion and sustainability I hope to shed light on a more effective means of engaging fashion with sustainability. These insights may also point toward an understanding of how individuals interact with concepts of sustainability more broadly given the increasing aestheticisation of everyday life and the prevalence of the fashion process impacting concepts beyond apparel.

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