student profile: Ms Natasha Heenan


Thesis work

Thesis title: Ambiguous Alternative? Appraising Ecotourism as a Sustainable Development Strategy

Supervisors: Jim STANFORD , Gareth BRYANT

Thesis abstract:

To what extent can ecotourism increase or decrease the wellbeing of people in developing countries? An understanding of the ways that class, race, gender and ecology intersect in the tourism industry is increasingly necessary due to its rapidly expanding activities. At a time when global environmental change is threatening human and other animal life, it is necessary to interrogate large scale industries such as tourism, which purport to adhere to or embody ‘sustainable development’, in the same way that extractive industries have been scrutinised. An ecomarxist analysis of tourism, and in particular ecotourism as a sustainable development strategy, can uncover the ways that nature is produced and fetishised and how the contradictions of sustainable tourism unfold over space and time.

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