student profile: Mr Ryan Johnson


Thesis work

Thesis title: The Concept of Mutual Intelligibility in Twentieth-Century Chinese, English, French, and Japanese Literature

Supervisors: Mark BYRON

Thesis abstract:

I research literature and philosophy East and West. My focus is twentieth-century Chinese, English, French, and Japanese works that attempt to blend different ontologies, different accounts of what exists, and to appeal to audiences from different cultural backgrounds: Ted Hughes and Chou Wen-chung's unreleased operatic adaptation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead; the Kyoto School’s fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy; French Ambassador to Japan Paul Claudel’s poetry and drama; Mishima Yukio’s Modern Noh; and Bei Dao’s exile poetry. By looking at these texts and drawing upon recent work in philosophy of mind and philosophical logic, I try to give a formal basis of translation across languages and conceptual schemes.

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