student profile: Mr Ryan Johnson


Thesis work

Thesis title: Chinese, English, French, and Japanese Poetic Interactions in the Twentieth Century

Supervisors: Mark BYRON

Thesis abstract:

Much work has been done on the influence of Chinese and Japanese aesthetics on Modernism, but little on the ways in which the mutual discovery by Western and East Asian writers of foreign poetics led to a complex reavaluation of aesthetic traditions on both sides of the Eurasian landmass and in America. Focusing on anglophone poets Ted Hughes and Charles Olson, with consideration of Robinson Jeffers and Carl Sanburg, and francophones Paul Claudel and Victor Segalen, my disseration aims to understand how upheavals in twentieth-century Western poetry and thought to accommodate Chinese and Japanese influences were contemporaneous with similar movements in China and Japan caused by the influx of American and European ideas.The interactions between Western and Far East Asian aesthestics occured on a foundation with more subtle ideological convergences and divergences than often thought, both between Far East Asia and the West and between China and Japan on the one hand and America, England, and France on the other. 

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