2017 Student Representatives

Your Student Representatives

Each Department in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has a Student Representative who is an enthusiast in your subject area and an advocate for your experience at uni.

You can chat to your Student Reps about:

  • Feedback you have to improve your units of study, subject area or general uni experience.
  • Starting a study group or social group in your subject area or other initiatives for students.
  • What to do if you need advice from an impartial source on anything to do with your study.

School of Literature, Arts and Media (SLAM)

School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

School of Social, Political and Economic Sciences (SSPS)
Contact ssps_studentrep@sydney.edu.au

School of Philosophical and Historical Enquiry

School of Economics

School of Literature, Arts and Media (SLAM)

School Representatives

  • Sasha Allen
  • Vincent Labancz

Department of Art History and Film Studies:

  • Sasha Allen
  • Huma Aziz
  • Bernadette Pace

Digital Cultures Program

  • Caitlyn Sinclair
  • Haoyu Zhang

Department of English

  • Vincent Labancz
  • Aneka James-Wright

Department of Linguistics

  • Giacomo Rotolo-Ross
  • Lorraine Alouan

Department of Media and Communications

  • Katherine O’Chee
  • Alvin Chung

Indigenous Studies Program

  • Grace Elizabeth White

Department of Theatre and Performance Studies

  • Eloise Sgroi

Department of Studies in Religion

  • Chara Chung
  • Geraldine Smith

School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

School Representatives

  • Lingling Zhang
  • Joyce Kolevris

Department of Arabic Languages and Cultures

  • Lingling Zhang
  • Sharif Ali

Asian Studies Program

  • Seogjin Ko
  • Ludmilla Greta Nunell
  • Vanessa Huang

Department of Chinese Studies

  • Victor Ye
  • Ayaka Ho

European Studies Program

  • Brigid Mackenzie
  • Billie Rose Trinder

Department of French and Francophone Studies

  • Louisa Lemm
  • Amelia Bush

Department of Germanic Studies

  • Elizabeth Harper
  • Rebecca Hawkins
  • Kate Stanton

Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies

  • Madeline Fox
  • Dana Segall

Department of Indonesian Studies

  • Rahmi Rahim Bahar

Department of International and Comparative Literature Studies

  • Xueyi Jing
  • Donal O’Driscoll

Department of Italian Studies

  • Jones King
  • Phoebe Kay

Department of Japanese Studies

  • Ayaka Ho
  • Alvina Lock

Department of Korean Studies

  • Lucida Spence
  • Tiffany Anh Thu Nguyen

Department of Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies

  • Joyce Kolevris
  • Gabriella Piperides

School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

School Representatives

  • Caitlin McMenamin
  • Valentina Merzetti

American Studies Program (Inter-Disciplinary Program)

  • Nishtha Sharma
  • Matthew Bennett

Department of Archaeology

  • Rachel Nadas
  • Sanju Vairav
  • Crystal Garabedian
  • Petra Cranhure-Player

Department of Classics and Ancient History

  • Caitlin McMenamin
  • Emily Lawrence

Department of Gender and Cultural Studies

  • Valentina Merzetti
  • Brett Morgan
  • Natalie Buckett

Department of History

  • Catriona Stirrat
  • Bhavani Balasubramanian
  • Katerina Bampos

Department of Philosophy

  • Lachlan Finch

School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS)

School Representatives

  • Emily Jade Frances Worthington-Rich
  • Shivani Sankaran

Department of Anthropology

  • Zachary Moore-Boyle
  • Amanda Berger

International and Global Studies Program (Inter-Disciplinary Program)

  • EmmaKate Khoury
  • Emerald Williamson

Department of Government and International Relations

  • Bridget Neave
  • Samuel Dixon
  • Sophia Zou

Department of Political Economy

  • Shivani Sankaran
  • Gina Yeung
  • Idishta Nabi

Department of Sociology and Social Policy

  • Emily Jade Frances Worthington-Rich
  • Ava McConnell
  • Mengran Li

School of Economics (SE)

School Representatives

  • Bronte Doyle
  • Victoria Chen

Economics Program

  • Bronte Doyle
  • Victoria Chen
  • Theodora Von Arnim