Joining the Program

The Role

“I’m much more confident in my abilities now. The skills I’ve learnt as a Student Rep can be applied in other areas of my life (especially work and study) and I’m excited about my future because I feel better prepared for it.” - Bethany Cannan, Student Representative for the Department of Art History and Film Studies, and Student Leadership Award Winner (2016).

Each year, two Student Representatives for each Department in the Faculty are elected by other students studying in that Department. Elections are held at the beginning of Semester 1, and Student Representatives serve one year terms.

Student Representatives typically spend 8-16 hours per Semester undertaking exciting and rewarding activities that are part of this role, such as

  • Representing the student voice in their area of study, by sourcing feedback from students and communicating that information to professional and academic staff in their Department and Faculty
  • Attending and participating in meetings with the Dean, Department Chairs and other staff in the Faculty.
  • Designing surveys on student issues such as curriculum design, retention, health and wellbeing, social inclusion, the student experience, and analysing the results.
  • Volunteering across programs, initiatives and events in the Faculty. Examples include:
    • Speaking to new students about their area of study at Info Day
    • Producing films for new students about starting uni
    • Organising health and wellbeing programs such as dog therapy for students
    • Assisting with communications such as writing for our Student eNewsletters or creating social media content.

Student Rep Tiffany Wong represents the Faculty at Info Day.

Student Rep Tiffany Wong represents the Faculty at Info Day.

Student Reps Ben Grace and Maxine Williams producing short films for new students

Student Reps Ben Grace and Maxine Williams producing short films for new students

The Timeline

Semester and Week



S1: W1

Nominations open to join the Student Representative Program.

Monday 6 March, 11.59am

S1: W2

Nominations close.

Friday 17 March, 11.59am

S1: W3

Student Rep elections open and students have 7 days to vote.

Wednesday 22 March, 11.59am

S1: W4

Student Rep elections close and students are informed of the results.

Elections close: Wednesday 29 March, 11.59am

S1: W5

Program induction and training is held.


S1: W6 onwards

Student Rep Program activities begin and continue throughout the year. Student Reps continue in their role until Week 6 in the next year.

Role begins: Monday 3 April 2017
Role ends: Monday 2 April 2018.

The Commitment

Students who are interested in joining the Student Representative Program must make the following commitments:

  • Be available to fulfil a one year term as Student Representative for their area of study
  • Attend training during Week 5, Semester 1
  • Commit to at least 8 hours of work per Semester
  • Maintain regular contact with students and staff in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences throughout their term.