What is Student Representation?

FASS mentors

Three levels of representation

Student Representation in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is aligned with the Faculty’s structure.

  Department or Program School Faculty
Program Student Liaison Program Student Liaison Program Faculty Student Representation
Number of Reps 1-2 per department 2 per school (4 for SLC)

6 undergraduate

1 postgraduate coursework

1 postgraduate research

Term Two semesters One semester One academic year
Main role act as an advocate to ensure that key teaching and learning issues that affect students studying in a Department are addressed, and to act as a link between students and the Department facilitate the flow of communication between department/program Reps and the Dean by attending Student Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings twice a semester

part of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), who meets with the Dean, Director Opperations and Strategic Planning and Director of Student Support Programs.

members of various committees that have a direct bearing on the student experience in the Faculty

How to contact Reps Department/Program contact details  
How to get involved See the Student Liaison Program page for more details See the Faculty Representation page for more details, and the Academic Board Elections page for details about important dates.
How to nominate Visit Blackboard in Week 1 each semester Nominations drawn from elected department/program Reps See the Faculty Representation page for more details and to download forms.  Forms should be returned to the Arts and Social Sciences Student Services Counter before the published deadline.
How to vote Visit Blackboard in Week 2 for your opportunity to vote for Departmental or Program Reps each semester Voting takes place in Student Liaison Program training in week 3 Information will be sent to your university email address
Elections administered by Student Support Programs
Election frequency Week 2, each semester Week 3, each semester August/September each year
Elected by Students studying in that department of program, via Blackboard Department Reps within each school Faculty student body in faculty-wide election