Student placement seminars

Before commencing a placement you will attend a 1-hour seminar and on completion, you will attend a 1-hour debriefing seminar.
These seminars are arranged by your academic co-ordinator and Faculty staff.

In the case of Education and Social Work students, your School has in place particular arrangements for your pre and post-placement briefings because of professional accreditation requirements. Please contact your School directly.

Pre-placement Seminar

Before you commence a student placement you are required to attend a 1-hour seminar. You cannot start a placement without first completing the seminar.

The purpose of this seminar is to fully inform you of the requirements and expectations of your placement, provide you with an opportunity to advise us if you have any special needs, and answer any questions you may have about your placement.

The pre-placement seminar will explain:

  • the learning outcomes expected from the placement;
  • the duties that you will be expected to perform on the placement;
  • the assessment requirements of the placement;
  • the dates on which the placement commences and finishes;
  • expected contact hours with the placement provider during each week of the placement;
  • expected contact hours with your academic co-ordinator during the placement;
  • how you can apply for special consideration or special arrangements in relation to their placement, if required;
  • relevant work health and safety issues;
  • contact details for your academic co-ordinator and relevant faculty staff should you have any concerns during the placement;
  • details of the University’s insurance coverage during the placement;
  • your intellectual property rights and obligations; and
  • other relevant information such as advice on workplace etiquette (including use of social media), confidentiality and discipline specific information.

Debriefing seminar

Following the completion of your placement, you will attend a 1-hour debriefing seminar. The purpose of this debriefing is for you to give us feedback about your placement, particularly in relation to:

  • the quality of your supervision;
  • the overall value of your placement;
  • the educational design of your placement;
  • your preparedness for the placement; and
  • your performance on the placement.

Schedule of Pre-placement & Debriefing Seminars

Semester 1 2018

Course Pre-Placement Seminar Time   Debriefing Seminar Time
FASS pre-placement March 1st 5pm  Register    
FASS pre-placement March 2nd 12-1pm  Register    
FASS pre-placement March 7th 12-1pm  Register    
FASS pre-placement March 12th 3pm  Register    
MECO PG pre-placement  March 14th 9.30 - 10.30   MECO Rm S226  
MECO UG Pre-placement March 14th 2-3pm   MECO Rm S226  
Art Curating pre-placement seminar March 15th 4.30-5.30pm      
Museum & Heritage studies pre-placement March 16th 12-1pm      
Art Curating pre-placement March 27th 10-11am      
Museum Studies pre-pplcement March 29th 4pm      
mid semester break begins April 3rd        
 FASS debrief  May 31st  6pm  Register    
 FASS debrief  June 1st  12pm  Register    
 STUVAC Begins  June 12th        
 Exams begin  June 18th        
 Exams end  June 30th        
FASS debrief seminar July 2nd 5-6pm  Register    
FASS pre-placement seminar July 27th 2pm  Register    
Classes begin July 30th        
FASS pre-placement seminar August 3rd 12pm      
MECO pre-Placement  August 7th 10-12pm   S226 John Woolley  
MECO UG pre-placement August 8th     Wolley N395  
FASS pre-placement seminar August 9th 10am      
Mid semester break begins September 24th        
MECO UG pre-lacement for summer September 26th 10-12pm      
Classes resume October 2nd        
FASS debrief seminar October 10th 5pm      
FASS debrief seminar October 19th 11am      
FASS pre-placement seminar October 25th 6pm      
FASS debrief seminar October 31st 2pm      
FASS pre-placement seminar 2nd November 10am      
Stuvac starts 5th November        
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