Honours Coordinators

If you are interested in undertaking Honours you should consult the relevant Honours Coordinator early in your degree.

For students thinking of beginning Honours in second semester, most Departments do accept mid-year enrolments. The Departments that do not are noted below with the following bracketed information: (no mid-year entry).

 Honours Coordinators by Subject Area
 American Studies  Dr Rodney Taveira
 Ancient Greek  James Tan
 Ancient History (no mid-year entry)  James Tan
 Anthropology (no mid-year entry)  Dr Åse Ottosson
 Arabic Language and Cultures  Dr Ali Aldahesh
 Archaeology (no mid-year entry)  Prof Barbara Helwing
 Art History (no mid-year entry)  Prof Roger Benjamin
 Asian Studies  Sean Moores
 Australian Literature  Dr Matthew Sussman
 Biblical Studies  Dr Gili Kugler
 Celtic Studies  Prof Jonathan Wooding
 Chinese Studies  Dr Joyce Nip
 Classics  James Tan
 Cultural Studies  Dr Astrida Neimanis
 Digital Cultures (no mid-year entry)  Dr Fiona Giles
 Economics  Prof John Romalis
 English  Dr Matthew Sussman
 European Studies  Prof Peter Morgan
 Film Studies (no mid-year entry)  Prof Roger Benjamin
 French Studies  Dr Sonia Wilson
 Gender Studies  Dr Astrida Neimanis
 Geography Prof Phil McManus
 Germanic Studies  Catherine Moir
 Government and International Relations (no mid-year entry)  Dr Ryan Griffiths
 Hebrew Classical  Dr Gili Kugler
 Hebrew Modern  Yona Gilead
 History (no mid-year entry)  Dr Hélène Sirantoine
 Indonesian Studies  Dr Dyah Pitaloka
 Italian Studies  Antonina Rubino
 International and Comparative Literary Studies (ICLS)  Dr Rebecca Suter
 Japanese Studies  Dr Tamaki Mihic
 Jewish Civilisation, Thought and Culture  Dr Avril Alba
 Korean Studies  Dr Duk-Soo Park
 Latin  James Tan
 Linguistics  Prof James Martin
 Mathematics  Assoc Prof Laurentiu Paunescu
 Media and Communications (no mid-year entry)  Dr Fiona Giles
 Modern Greek  Dr Anthony Dracopoulos
 Music  Dr James Wierzbicki
 Philosophy  Dr Luke Russell
 Political Economy (no mid-year entry)  Dr Elizabeth Hill
 Psychology (no mid-year entry)  Prof Alex Holcombe
 Sanskrit  Matthew Stavros
 Socio-Legal Studies (no mid-year entry)  Dr Greg Martin
 Sociology and Social Policy (no mid-year entry)  Dr Nadine Ehlers
 Spanish and Latin American Studies  Dr Vek Lewis
 Studies in Religion  Dr Christopher Hartney
 Theatre & Performance Studies  Dr Amanda Card