Film Introduction and Q + A: Algorithms



PhD Candidate Paul Macovaz introduces the documentary, Algorithms. Following the screening on Sunday 9 June, Macovaz will facilitate a Q&A with Producer Geetha J. and Director Ian McDonald.

Meet the up-and-coming grandmasters of chess, players who could one day rival the achievements of the Cold War legends, Russia's Boris Spassky and America's Bobby Fischer. Today's undisputed world champion since 2007 is an Indian - Viswanathan Anand. But the budding Indian grandmasters in Algorithms play in a different league - they compete in the World Junior Blind Chess Championship. Over three years, documentarian Ian McDonald follows three talented boys from different parts of India as they battle their opponents and inner demons. Their mentor, Charudatta, is a former chess champion with big dreams for blind chess in India, and he drives them hard.

This beautifully understated film is shot in black and white, like the chess board itself. It draws parallels between the foresight required by the great game and three sightless lives seeking their future.

Ian McDonald and Geetha J's appearances are kindly sponsored by FIDE, the World Chess Federation.

Event Info: Algorithms

When: Thursday 6 June, 6:00 PM; Sunday 9 June, 4:00 PM
Where: Dendy Opera Quays Cinema 2; Dendy Opera Quays Cinema 3
Cost: $19.50/ $15