Film Introduction and Q + A: Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Associate Professor Judith Keene introduces the first North Korean feature film ever screened at SFF, Comrade Kim Goes Flying. Following the screening Keene will facilitate a Q&A with Director/Producer Nicholas Bonner.

The first North Korean feature made with Western production partners in over 30 years, Comrade Kim Goes Flying tells the tale of a young coal miner who wants to pursue her dream of becoming a trapeze artist.

Starring real-life Pyongyang Circus acrobat Han Jong-sim - whose feats include being propelled across a stadium on a bungee during the famous Mass Games - this visually glossy and handsomely appointed item sparkles with knockabout humour, soul-stirring underdog drama and innocent romance as Kim gradually attracts the attention and respect of Pak, the circus strongman who at first scoffs at the idea of a manual laborer from the sticks being able to execute quadruple somersaults in mid-air.

Fun, fascinating and with a delightful central performance by Han as the girl with the million-won smile, the first North Korean movie ever screened at SFF presents a rare opportunity to witness escapist entertainment from the secretive socialist state.

Nicholas Bonner's appearance at the Festival is supported by Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Event Info: Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Date: Sunday 9 June
Time: 8:40 PM for 8:45 PM screening
Venue: Event Cinemas George Street 8
Cost: $19.50/$15