Film Introduction and Q + A: Shopping



Professor Annamarie Jagose introduces the critically acclaimed New Zealand film, Shopping. Following the screening Jagose will facilitate a Q&A with Producer Sarah Shaw and actor Kevin Paulo.

Shopping is set in New Zealand in 1981, a time of muscle cars and racial tension. Half-Samoan brothers Willie and Solomon grow up in a small town and are constantly reminded of the colour of their skin by their father Terry, who is prone to violent rages. As the boys' relationship with Terry becomes more and more strained, Willie becomes involved with the charismatic Bennie and his travelling band of thieves. Seduced by this new world of ‘shopping', and drawn into a surrogate father-son relationship with the dangerous Bennie, Willie finds himself more and more estranged from his family, leaving young Solomon without a protector.

Told with an endearing rawness and authenticity that won acclaim at Sundance and Berlin, Shopping is a remarkable and assured debut film, featuring brilliant performances by young actors Kevin Paulo and Julian Dennison as the loving brothers.

Event Info: Shopping

Date: Sunday 15 June
Time: 6:40 PM for 6:45 PM screening
Venue: Event Cinemas George Street 8
Cost: $19.50/$15