Dominic Knight

Dominic Knight

Dominic Knight

Dominic Knight presents Evenings on 702 ABC Sydney and ABC Local Radio NSW/ACT. He’s one of the founders of The Chaser. His latest book, Man vs Child, will be released in August, and reflects his experiences with radio, comedy and ongoing immaturity.

Dominic will be taking part in the following events:

Evenings with Dominic Knight
Thursday 22 May
7:00 - 10:00 PM
Sydney Dance Lounge, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Event type: Conversation

Grab a drink and a bite to eat while you join 702 ABC Sydney Evenings host Dominic Knight for a special version of NORMAN the Quiz, live music, plus engaging discussions with visiting authors.

Free, no bookings

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A Quirky History of Australia
Saturday, May 24 2014
3:00 - 4:00 PM
Richard Wherrett Studio, Sydney Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Event type: Panel

This is a look at the history of Australia, but not as you know it. You can learn a lot about a country from its pastimes and the people who have fallen between the cracks of history. David Hunt (Girt: The Unauthorised History of Australia) investigates the many strange, funny and forgotten stories that make up our history, Bob McTavish (More Stoked) offers a fascinating look inside the history of Australian surf culture, and historian Bill Garner argues in Born in a Tent that camping is what makes us Australian. A lively discussion about the quirkier side of Australian history.

Appearing: David Hunt, Bob McTavish, Bill Garner, Dominic Knight (facilitator)

Ticketed: $14
Book here or call (02) 9250 1988

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