Karl Kruszelnicki

Karl Kruszelnicki

Karl Kruszelnicki is the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney. He is a qualified medical doctor, engineer, physicist, and mathematician and has written 34 books.

Dr Karl will be taking part in the following events:

The Science of Science Fiction
Saturday, May 24 2014
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Richard Wherrett Studio, Sydney Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Event type: Panel

Science is the foundation for science fiction, but how much has fiction influenced science? How does literary and popular culture use the foundation of scientific study as a leaping-off point, and when does science fact become science fiction? Join scientist Jim Al-Khalili, action-thriller author Scott Baker and future-fiction author David M. Henley as they explore the interplay between imagination and possibility, faux-science and science education, and when and how to break the laws of physics. Dr Karl Kruszelnicki facilitating.

Appearing with: David M. Henley, Scott Baker, Jim Al-Khalili,

Ticketed: $14.
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