Luke Slattery

Luke Slattery

Luke Slattery is a Sydney-based journalist and editor. He has served as higher education editor at The Australian, The Age and the Financial Review. Luke is an Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney's Department of Classics and Ancient History.

Luke will be taking part in the following events:

Curiosity Lecture Series: On Epicurus
Friday, May 23, 2014
11:00 - 11:40 AM
Pier 2/3 Bloomberg Stage, Pier 2/3, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Event type: Author talk

Appearing with: Damon Young (facilitator)

We are all Epicureans now. Chefs are hot cultural property and the food industry is booming. But Epicureanism, as first conceived in ancient Greece, meant something very different. It was a touch-the-earth-lightly philosophy. Epicureans were the first greens. So how did this ancient creed about how to be happy with less get so bent out of shape? Can it be repaired and put to use in a world crying out for green solutions?

Hear from Luke Slattery.

Free, no bookings.
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Simple Living
Saturday, May 24 2014
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Sydney Dance 2, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Appearing with: Luke Slattery, Greg Foyster, Inga Simpson, Richard Glover (facilitator)

Event type: Panel

Three authors ask the important question: Can we be happier with less? Whether it’s a desire to escape the rat race, downsize our lives or reduce our footprint, can living life more simply make life better? Or is the simple life in this day and age not quite as simple as it seems? 702 ABC’s Richard Glover talks to Luke Slattery (Reclaiming Epicurus), Greg Foyster (Changing Gears), Inga Simpson (Mr Wigg) and the Finch Memoir Prize winner about life in the slow lane.

Free, no bookings.
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