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First Year Experience

Directed at first year Unit of Study coordinators, First Year Experience (FYE) is jam packed with information that would also be useful to lecturers, tutors and sessional staff. Especially useful is the easy to follow timeline which is neatly divided into Pre, During and After semester sections.

FASS eLearning

FASS eLearning offers pedagogically sound advice, innovative ideas and personalised assistance to Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' academics with a goal of enhancing their online teaching practice.

The Writing Hub

The Writing Hub assists students with their academic writing needs and aid staff in designing effective writing and oral presentation assignments. The Hub also offers special programs for secondary teachers and students and writing services for the corporate sector.

The Writing Hub is the first of its kind in Australia and is enjoying research and teaching partnerships with leading universities around the world. The Hub is modelled on Stanford University’s Hume Writing Center, whose directors have served as mentors for the Sydney program. Like the Hume Writing Center, the Writing Hub focuses on rhetoric as the cornerstone of effective communication, and this focus is reflected in the programs and units of study offered, individual tutoring sessions with students, and consultancy service.

The Write Site

The Write Site

The Write Site is an online environment designed to support the development of academic writing skills. It focuses on the academic and professional writing skills most relevant to undergraduates.

This site will support your teaching by:

  • assisting students' developmental and/or remedial learning needs related to academic writing
  • providing a consistent metalanguage for discussing aspects of academic writing with your students
  • facilitating greater precision and clarity in your feedback to students
  • relieving you of repetitive explanation and remediation for the most common writing problems

Educational Innovation portfolio

The Educational Innovation offers a range of professional development programs for both new and experienced university teachers. You may be interested in enrolling in the Principles and Practice Program, which is an orientation to the Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning. The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) builds on your learning in the Principles and Practice Program and includes an introduction to notions of scholarship and inquiry in teaching and learning.

The Feedback for Teachers site provides resources to help you gather feedback about your teaching and your students' learning.

Student Services

There are a number of services provided by the University that you may like to draw to the attention of your students. These services include:

University policies

As a sessional teacher, there are some University policies that you need to be aware of. We have included the links to these policies so that you can download them and familiarise yourself with them.

Academic Honesty in Coursework Policy 2015

Assessment Policies

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching and Learning Portfolio

The main role of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching and Learning is to support improvements in teaching quality and learning experience in the Faculty. Please visit the website to find out more about Faculty's Teaching and Learning Awards, seminars, and projects.