FASS Teaching and Learning contacts

Associate Dean Education

A/Professor Alyson Simpson was appointed the role of Associate Dean Education in 2017. In this capacity she will represent the Faculty at SEG and other senior forums, chair the Faculty's Education Committee as well as, implement Faculty and University policy in relation to teaching and learning matters, and provide oversight of the portfolio's programs.

Name Telephone Email
A/Professor Alyson Simpson +61 2 9351 6344

Associate Dean Student Affairs

Dr Rebecca Johinke leads the Faculty's FASS Mentoring Program and Student Support programs, both designed to support and enrich the student experience. The FASS Mentoring Program connects first year students with student mentors to help them successfully make the transition to university life.

Name Telephone Email
Dr Rebecca Johinke +61 2 9351 4516

Postgraduate Writing Support

Drs Bronwen Dyson and Louise Katz provide writing support to the Faculty's postgraduate research and coursework students. For more information, please visit the Writing Hub's website

Writing Support for: Contact Telephone Email
Postgraduate Research Students Dr Bronwen Dyson +61 2 9351 7514
Postgraduate Coursework Students Dr Louise Katz +61 2 9036 5099
Undergraduate Students Dr Susan Thomas
(Director, Writing Hub)
+61 2 9351 2048  

eLearning and Educational Design

The Faculty's Educational Design team are available to offer staff expert advice on effective curriculum design and BlackBoard site optimisation. They can also assist with planning to use other online tools such as PebblePad and Turnitin to develop an effective, efficient and engaging online presence for your unit of study.

Contact Telephone Email
Jubin Dedaniya +61 2 9351 3700
Charles Humblet +61 2 9351 4774
Rebecca Plumbe +61 2 9036 7513
Jennifer Dowling +61 2 9351 6084
+61 2 9351 3861

Administrative support team

Our dedicated and professional support team helps to coordinate the Faculty's teaching and learning strategic initiatives.

Brian Bailey (Technology Innovation Manager) assists the Pro-Dean with strategic planning, communications and manages the Educational Innovation and Information Systems Groups.

Tanya Doulaveras (Staff Support and Development Officer) supports the eLearning and Academic Support and Development programs. She assists the Pro-Dean with strategic planning and budgeting. Tanya also administers the Teaching Awards, USS and Student commendations. As well as provides governance to the Teaching and Learning Committee and First Year Coordinator's Working Group.

Name Position Telephone Email
Brian Bailey Technology Innovation Manager +61 2 8627 0659  
Tanya Doulaveras Staff Support and Development Officer +61 2 9114 0632