about the four lenses of evaluation

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences aspires for all staff to adopt good teaching practices by reflecting on evidence about student learning. In making a case for excellent teaching for promotions or awards, teachers might, for example, provide a record of innovative teaching and/or collegiality and leadership within their teaching community. That is, excellent teaching is characterised by intense engagement with evidence using self and student lenses, and/or peer perspectives and/or scholarly literature.

  • Characteristics of good teaching: uses at least two lenses (self and student) regularly; documents reflection and action taken as a result; reports back to students and/or peers about findings and actions taken.
  • Characteristics of excellent teaching: responds to reflection by integrating innovative design, delivery or assessment into teaching; shows evidence of continual responsiveness to student feedback; demonstrates ongoing enhancement of student experiences; achieves targets set as a result of reflective practice; engages formally with scholarly literature (conferences, seminars, workshops, publications on teaching/learning); collaborates or leads productive change in the culture and practice of teaching in relevant departments or school/s.

The resources on this website are meant to foster a teaching cycle of planning, delivery, evaluation, critical reflection, and planned improvements, and to support development of teaching portfolios. Selections from your portfolio can assist, for example, with applications for promotion, teaching awards or teaching grants. This website contains a number of examples and guides to help you gather, interpret and respond to feedback. You should feel free to adapt the exercises as you see fit or to continue using exercises and feedback methods that you have used in the past and that may not be listed on this site.