Graduate Qualities

Graduate Qualities are central to the design, delivery and assessment of student learning in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Students are encouraged to acquire attributes in scholarship, global citizenship and lifelong learning. In the context of their learning in a range of disciplines and subjects, students will develop key generic skills in:

Graduate qualities Purpose
Depth of disciplinary expertise. To excel at applying and continuing to develop disciplinary expertise.
Broader skills:
  • Critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Communication (oral and written);
  • Information/ digital literacy;
  • Inventiveness.
To increase the impact of expertise, and to learn and respond effectively and creatively to novel problems.
Cultural competence. To work productively, collaboratively and openly in diverse groups and across cultural boundaries.
Interdisciplinary effectiveness. To work effectively in interdisciplinary (including inter-professional) settings and to build broader perspective, innovative vision, and more contextualised and systemic forms of understanding.
An integrated professional, ethical and personal identity. To build integrity, confidence and personal resilience, and the capacities to manage challenges and uncertainty.
Influence. To be effective in exercising professional and social responsibility and making a positive contribution to society.