Teaching Development


Welcome to Teaching Development in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Teaching development is an important part of your career in higher education. New and innovative practices for the enhancement of teaching and learning in higher education are continually being developed. The Faculty's Teaching and Learning portfolio is dedicated to helping you keep abreast of the latest developments, and to making them accessible to you. From here you can link to any of the several orientations, programs, workshops and seminars that the Faculty offers for teaching development.

Sessional Teacher Orientation

Basic, initial information for the starting tutor and masters seminar teacher.

Teaching Development Program

An articulated development program that couples with Sessional Teacher Orientation and Educational Innovation's Principles and Practices Program (or the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education). This program develops techniques for face to face teaching, lesson planning, assessment and marking, and review of teaching practices. TDP includes conventional and blended learning sessions.

Workshops and Seminars

The Teaching and Learning portfolio offers regular workshops to enhance teaching practice and also a guided peer observation program to assist staff in reviewing specific areas of their teaching and learning. Some of the workshops covered are Giving Effective Feedback to Students, Key Effective Strategies for Tutorials, UoS: Design and Development to name a few.

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