Important Information Applicable to all Awards

Resources and Support for Applicants

  • Applicants are encouraged to consult the Teaching and Learning Evaluation Resources. Additional resources are available on the Teaching and Learning website.
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to make use of the available support and to seek as much feedback as possible from suitable mentors and colleagues on their draft applications. This is designed to be a supportive and encouraging process.
  • A Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Award workshop will be held in Semester 1, 2014. This workshop is to inform and support prospective applicants and previous winners will be on hand to provide advice. The details will be available shortly.
  • Designated members of the Teaching and Learning Committee will be available to help applicants in the preparation of their application (NB: Committee members on the judging panel do not provide advice to applicants). Your first point of contact is one of your School Representatives on the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences website has the details of current T&L School Representatives:
  • Previous Teaching Excellence Award winners may also assist applicants in writing or preparing of applications. A list of previous winners can also be found on the Teaching and Learning website:
  • Copies of previously successful applications may be available for your review. Please contact Helen Ash on 9351 2206. The Teaching and Learning Committee thanks the awards recipients for permitting us to make their applications available for this purpose.
  • The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) website has relevant advice on how to construct a case for a Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Awards are closely aligned with this VC’s Award. The ITL’s website carries advice about the range of evidence (sources or data) and how to use this evidence effectively in mounting your case.

For any other advice, please contact the Director of Academic Support and Development, Teaching and Learning. For contact details.

Application Format and Submission

  • Applications for Awards should follow the instructions set out for each award, and use the application pro forma provided.
  • Six (6) copies should be submitted to the Dean’s Personal Assistant in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office, on or before the deadline (TBC).

Responsibility of Awardees

  • Each awardee's name, contact details and areas of expertise will be placed in a Teaching Award Recipients List on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching and Learning website. Awardees may be contacted by other members of academic staff in the Faculty in relation to the preparation of an application, or other matters related to their area of expertise in teaching.
  • Permission may be sought from successful applicants to obtain a hard copy of their application for Teaching and Learning Committee archives and for use as an exemplar to support applicants in future years.
  • Awardees will be asked to make a short presentation on their teaching at the Award presentation ceremony. This ceremony will normally be held in the semester following that in which the awards are announced.

About Judging Panel, Late Submissions and Appeals Policies

  • Judging panels for the Faculty’s Teaching Excellence and Initiative awards are normally comprised of five members: one active member of the Teaching and Learning Committee, the Pro-Dean of Teaching and Learning (Chair), at least one past award winner, one Head of School (on a rotational basis), and a representative from another Faculty’s T&L Committee or the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL). Members of judging panels do not provide advice or guidance to intending applicants.
  • The Judging Panel assesses applications according to the quality and strength of the case for excellence made against each of the criteria. There is no fixed quota for determining how many applications for the Excellence in Teaching Awards can be successful.
  • Late submissions of applications cannot be accepted for equity and timeline reasons.
  • Applications are NOT returned to applicants but shredded after the judging panel’s decisions are finalised (except where successful applicants have granted permission for their application to be retained and used to support prospective applications). Please keep full and complete copies of your application along with the originals of any supporting documents, teaching materials and learning resources.
  • Applicants who wish to appeal against the decision of the judging panel should note that appeals are considered only on the basis of a problem or fault in the application process. The judgement of the panel about the merits of applications relative to the criteria is final and not subject to appeal.